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Holistic Facials

Gua Sha Facial

This custom Gua Sha facelifting facial utilizes skin philosophies based on traditional Chinese medicine. Specially carved gemstones are massaged in to the skin to activated meridians (energy pathways) and manually move qi and lymph to drain accumulated impurities and allow for fresh blood to feed the skins surface. Immediate and natural sculpting occurs, giving the skin a lifted appearance. Results are cumulative and home care will enhance results.
Dalila has studied Nefeli Gua Sha with renowned Holistic Teacher, Cecily Braden.
60 Minutes   |   $150
75 Minutes  |    $175


The Bloomea Radiance Facial

(With Extractions + Oxygen)
This treatment includes hands  + arms & scalp massage.


Mecano Exfoliation® is a 2-action treatment specifically designed for beauty institutes by French cosmetic surgeons. Used for 10 years by these surgeons in their practice, this very simple and painless procedure has been adapted in collaboration with beauticians, and is now available to all beauty institutes.

The tip, attached to the handpiece, oscillates at a high frequency and its granular surface clears the skin imperfections, layer by layer, to smooth and unify its tone.( single use tips)

A simple and painless technology

The mechano-exfoliation

With a disposable tip, the granular part works with a system of oscillation on the surface of the skin in order to exfoliate the epidermis to smooth the skin and unify the ton.

Micro Vibration Modeling

The granular part of the tip is removed to make way for a silicon material to launch the second step: Modeling. Still through an oscillation system, this process stimulates your skin to deeply penetrate the cream.

75 Minutes   |   $189

LED Add on $25 (extra 15mn)


Dry skin causes premature aging, fine lines, and dullness. If you’re feeling dry, flaky or lackluster, try this intensely hydrating facial treatment. This treatment focuses on hydrating and replenishing the skin. It includes cleansing, steaming, Minimal extractions, décolleté, arm and scalp massage.  This facial concludes with a skin restoration mask, designed to even and plump skin
60 Minutes   |   $130

The Refining Lymphatic Facial

MLD is a safe, effective, and gentle approach to cleansing the body’s tissues and has a profound calming and detoxifying effect.

It includes cleansing, skin analysis,  exfoliation with a gentle yet effective enzyme peel exfoliant, no extractions) , followed by a 40mn MLD lymphatic drainage and customized natural Organic antioxidant mask.

An ultra-light rhythmical facial massage simulates the body’s natural lymphatic process, flushing out excess fluids and toxins from skin tissues and transporting crucial nutrients to where they’re needed most. Oxygen therapy magnifies the results, providing essential elemental support directly through the pores. Beyond its benefits to mature skin, this highly liberating treatment can help relieve symptoms of fatigue, with a long-lasting feeling of lightness to the entire being. 
Benefits for: Aging/Wrinkles, Puffiness, inflammatory conditions (Acne, Rosacea, Eczema, Psoriasis)

Absolute contraindications: acute congestive heart failure, acute renal failure, active blood clots, active infection, active bleeding and cancer.

60 Minutes |   $155

LED Light Therapy by Celluma

LED Light Therapy was developed by NASA and backed by thousands of studies. This treatment uses specific wavelengths of light to penetrate into the skin and target different skin concerns. Red is used for pain, healing and to stimulate the fibroblasts that create healthy skin cells. The blue light targets p.acnes bacteria (the bacteria responsible for acne) and helps to normalize sebaceous gland activity. 

Add on $30.00

AFA Peels Simple & Effective Antioxidant Skin Rejuvenation

AFAs are the newest and unique cosmeceutical to be patented this millenium.  “AFA” is an acronym for Amino acid Filaggrin based Antioxidants.  Filaggrin is a protein that naturally occurs in our upper layer of our epidermis and is metabolized into several acidic moisture retaining amino acids.  It is these highly moisture retaining amino acids that are used to produce the AFA peels.

AFAs exfoliate, hydrate and anti-oxidate to make your skin feel smoother and softer while diminishing fine lines and wrinkles.  Skin tone will appear brighter and sun damage will even out​.

AFA Gel add on with Facial (Plus cost of the Facial)


Sculptural Lift 

Often referred to as a “nature’s answer to Botox”, Sculptural Facelift

Massage is in a league of its own. This is natural lifting and rejuvenation at its very best, working deep into the facial muscles to sculpt and reshape the face.

Precise, focused techniques are used to release tension and stagnation, this supports tightening and strengthening of the facial musculature, which results in a beautifully contoured face with vibrant, glowing skin.

Includes Cleansing, Exfoliation, and a Masque.

For optimum results a course of 6 - 10 treatments are recommended.

Package Deal available! 

The non-invasive face lift works best as a course of 6-10, 2 times weekly then reduced to 1 (Package discount available)!

*Please Note: You must wait 3 weeks after any injectables & a minimum of 6 weeks after facial cosmetic procedures. Not suitable during pregnancy.

90 MINUTES |   $180

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